The Learn To Play Clinics are run by Mitch Rubenstein (PTR Certified) and his team of coaches: Eric, Umer, Zain, Rebie & Danny and assistant coaches: Alexa, Anand, Ashley, Cadence, Elise, Kavin, Nora, Ryan & Stephanie.

Winter 2023 sessions start January 3rd.  A few spots are still available for select age/levels.  Call the club for availability or to be added to the wait list: (973) 335-6200

Winter Kids' Clinics:

Winter Adult Clinics:

Ability Level Descriptions:

Beginner - never taken any lessons or taken some within the past 2 years. Working on making good contact with the ball; not yet able to hit shots consistently over the net off a pro's feed

Advanced Beginner - taken lessons regularly for at least 2 years.  Able to hit shots over the net consistently utilizing good fundamental form.  High level advanced beginners are able to serve and sustain a short rally (with some degree of control of shot placement)

Intermediate - taken lessons for many years, practice and play regularly on their own.  Able to serve, rally, play points control shot direction, placement and spin.  Working on more advanced footwork patterns.

Advanced - Varsity-level or locally competitive players with many years of lessons and competitive play experience.  Able to formulate and execute strategies and tactics during match play.